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"Tall Outstanding Women" (TOW) unites women who are equal to or greater than 6'  feet tall (183 cm.) and have an outstanding look and personality.

We are an exclusive group of glamorous professional independent women of any race, religion and nationality - each one has a different career and, beyond empower each other and other women, we are available to attend and/or host charitable events and events that promote worthy causes (not political or controversial ones) especially to improve other women's lives.
We are also available to attend
upscale and corporate events where we can promote our group and find new charities to work with.

WE COMMAND ATTENTION with our unique physical and characteristic attributes which can add glamor and "magic" to any event while also promoting Charities and worthy causes.

WE PROVIDE OUR MEMBERS with unique tools to EMPOWERING THEMSELVES and reach their individual goals.  We also provide support, advice, exposure, and the opportunity to make useful connections at upscale events (see testimonies below).

If you are a tall lady who wants
to empower yourself while doing some Charitable work, just consider joining us.

We are based in New York City and
currently welcome new members (click here)

Tall Outstanding Women (TOW)
has the missions of:

- Empower each other and help other women in being successful and to "Stand Tall"

- Assisting the women of TOW to achieve their individual career goals, create opportunities for networking and provide increased exposure

- Commanding attention to assist Charities to raise money and awareness for worthy causes
- Adding elegance &
glamor to qualified events where we can advertise our activities

TOW has volunteered for events benefiting, among others, these Charities:

The Ronald McDonald House of NYC
American Cancer Society
Worldwide Children Foundation

Doctors without Borders

The New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault
The Art of Peace Charitable Trust

The Emancipation Network - Dreams of Freedom

Alliance for Lupus Research

Food Bank for New York City
Friends of animal rescue
There is no limit foundation
Sikh Heritage Foundation
LCA (Last Chance for Animals)
Animal Care & Control of New York City
The Genesis Children Foundation
Art For Healing NYC

American Humane Association

Women for Women

Mae Tao Clinic - Thailand
Cancer and Career

Cornerstone Learning Center

Giacomo Bologna Scholarship Fund

Autism Awareness Care and Training Center in West Africa
Children's International Obesity Foundation
and many more

How TOW was born.

Stefano Spadoni -who is a strong advocate for women empowerment- had the idea of creating Tall Outstanding Women during one of his networking events at the end of 2007.

Four women whom Stefano knew (all of them equal to or greater than 6 feet tall) met with each other and immediately bonded, while commanding a tremendous amount of attention.

Stefano was struck by the idea of having these women convey the message of "standing tall" to other females. He also realized that a group of tall women can channel this attention towards creating awareness about a specific charitable or social issue.

In addition, tall women who often encounter unique situations and challenges can develop rapports to overcome these issues.

The first meeting was held on November 12, 2007 at Dopo Teatro restaurant near Times Square, where the group still usually gathers.

At the first meeting (first picture above) were Jackie, Jessenia, Yanelle, Stefano, Ruya and Tanja.

The picture on the right below was taken at the following meetin© Copyright 2007 - 2015  - All rights reserved on texts and pictures -unless otherwise indicated.

© Copyright 2007 - 2015  - All rights reserved on texts and pictures -unless otherwise indicated.

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