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Are you organizing a charitable event,
or do you have a good cause to promote?

"Tall Outstanding Women" will attend and/or host for free charitable events and other events (not political ones) that promote worthy causes.

We can match our outfits to fit the theme of the event, weather it be conservative, casual or glamorous.


TOW has volunteered for events benefiting, among others, these Charities:


The Ronald McDonald House of NYC
American Cancer Society
Worldwide Children Foundation
Doctors without Borders
The New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault
The Art of Peace Charitable Trust
The Emancipation Network - Dreams of Freedom
Alliance for Lupus Research
The Partnership at Drugfree
Food Bank for New York City

QSAC - Quality Services for the Autism Community
Friends of animal rescue
Art For Healing NYC
There is no limit foundation
Sikh Heritage Foundation

Muscular Dystrophy Association

Toys for Tots

New York Peace Angel Project of the Art of Peace Charitable Trust

City Critters, Inc. 

Arts for India

Pediatric Angel Network

Knights of York

Bright Pink

IGHL Foundation

LCA (Last Chance for Animals)

The Tulip Foundation

Cesar Presbott foundation
Alliance for Animals
Animal Care & Control of New York City
The Genesis Children Foundation
Art For Healing NYC

Mayors Alliance for NYC Animals
American Humane Association

Carol Galvin Foundation
Women for Women

Cardinal Stepinac Children's Center,
Mae Tao Clinic - Thailand

Posse Foundation
Cancer and Career
Cornerstone Learning Center
Giacomo Bologna Scholarship Fund
Autism Awareness Care and Training Center in West Africa


Lyme Disease organization

Stray From the Heart,

Brooklyn Animal Action
Children's International Obesity Foundation
and many more


Jon Stewart host of rthe Daily Show.jpg
Red and Blue.jpg
Sikh with women.jpg
TOW at Terna Award.jpg
TOW Lupus Research.jpg
Goldie Hawn.jpg
TOW and John Stamos.jpg
TOW lupus Research sitting.jpg
Jackie on Stage.jpg
Sikh at entrance.jpg
Leading march.jpg
Parading painting.jpg
Red and Blue and Stefano.jpg
Jackie Interview.jpg
There is no limit foundation with Stefano.jpg
Yanelle on stage.jpg
Engendered with model.jpg
Banner TOW.jpg
Engendered with models.jpg
The Art of Peace Charitable Trust.jpg
The Art of Peace Charitable Trust collecting donations.jpg
Senseofwine - Cipriani.jpg
Animal Care & Control of New York City.jpg
Animal Care & Control of New York City drawing.jpg
Leashes and Lovers.jpg
Time Square with police.jpg
Stacy London.jpg
Pink & Black Tie Gala.jpg
Consul of Croatia.jpg
Talent in Motion.jpg
Stage 2.jpg
Maria Milito radio host.jpg
Selling tickets.jpg
Red carpet Animal Rescue.jpg
FDNY inflatable truck.jpg
Red Carpet.jpg
Bag Pipes.jpg
Knights of York - Annual Black tie affair.jpg
Shauna Raffle Tickets.jpg
Muscular Dystrophy Association.jpg
Muscular Dystrophy Association and Stefano.jpg
American Cancer Society.jpg
Art of Peace.jpg
Women for Women.jpg
Ante Up for the Animals.jpg
Ante Up for the Animals and Stefano.jpg
Female marines.jpg
The Tulip Foundation  raffle ticktes.jpg
Ante Up for the Animals awards.jpg
Cardinal Stepinac Children's Center, money collected.jpg
Cardinal Stepinac Children's Center.jpg
Arts for India at the Guggenheim.jpg
Arts for India at the Guggenheim 2.jpg
Pediatric Angel Network.jpg
Pediatric Angel Network and Stefano.jpg
4th annual Night of Hope.jpg
4th annual Night of Hope 1.jpg
The Tulip Foundation stage.jpg
Sirio opening red carpet.jpg
Sirio opening and Stefano.jpg
Sirio opening group.jpg
Fundraiser_Masquerade Ball.jpg
Fundraiser_Masquerade Ball raffle tickets.jpg
Stray From The Heart.jpg
Toys for Tots board.jpg
Canine Couture.jpg
Brittney selling raffle tickets.jpg
Mayors Alliance for NYC Animals.jpg
City Critters.jpg
City Critters, Inc. red carpet.jpg
Bright Pink.jpg
Bright Pink interview.jpg
Bright Pink  and Stefano.jpg
Bright Pink selling raffle ticktes.jpg
Brittney selling raffle tickets at the Plaza.jpg
A Knight at The Plaza and Stefano.jpg
A Knight at The Plaza.jpg
QSAC - Quality Services for the Autism Community .jpg
QSAC - Quality Services for the Autism Community  1.jpg
The Partnership at .jpg
Brooklyn Animal Action.jpg
Brooklyn Animal Action raffle tickets.jpg
Cesar Presbott foundation.jpg
Cesar Presbott foundation mascot.jpg
Cesar Presbott foundation - attendees.jpg
Arts for India at gallery.jpg
Posse Foundation color.jpg
Posse Foundation and Stefano.jpg
Posse Foundation.jpg
Fun-trepreneur Mix&Mingle Woman's Event.jpg
Fun-trepreneur Mix&Mingle Woman's Event - dessert.jpg
Carol Galvin Foundation.jpg
Carol Galvin Foundation and Stefano.jpg
All Star scarves.jpg
Carol Galvin Foundation 2.jpg
All Star red carpet.jpg
DeMario Davis .jpg
Battle of the Quants.jpg
Alex McCord .jpg
All Star and Stefano.jpg
Darryl Strawberry.jpg
Chevvy Chase.jpg
Worldwide Children Foundation 1.jpg
Worldwide Children Foundation 2.jpg
TOW West Broadway.jpg
TOW carabinieri - Italian National Day .jpg
TOW San Domenico.jpg
TOW and Sorrentino.jpg
TOW and Sirio Maccioni.jpg
TOW and raffle ticktes.jpg
TOW Italian flag and Stefano.jpg
TOW and Joe Piscopo.jpg
TOW at MOMA.jpg
TOW in front of MOMA.jpg
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